‘Brawl Stars’ for Android Not Coming Any Time Soon – Blame the Servers

I know that many of our Android players are complaining about being excluded from the Brawl Stars launch party, and rightly so, because the game is so much fun.

Awesome. Can’t wait to have all my Android friends in the game with us. Also, I heard that since Android is the OS on so many different devices with varying screen sizes and configurations that Brawl Stars must be optimized for them.

An update from the developer yesterday highlights why we have not yet seen an Android version.

Howdy Brawlers!

We want to explain a little more in depth why we haven’t released a beta on Android, and why Brawl Stars is not available globally. We’ll try not to get too technical, and hopefully, this gives some insight into our game plan.

Brawl Stars uses a unique system of local servers. This means that there would be different game environments based on your locale. Right now, the only live server is in Canada and we don’t have servers ready across the world. The nature of an Android APK is that it can be easily disseminated across the globe (and very quickly!) The games’ servers are not prepared for a global release, which is why we’re testing on iOS only right now.

Currently, the game team is polishing, improving, changing, and testing Brawl Stars. All along the way we’re gathering information to see what players love, and what needs to be adjusted. Once the game team feels that we have enough information, and that the game is in excellent shape, that’s when we begin to think about a global release. We’re not there yet!

We’re so excited for everything that’s coming in Brawl Stars and we’re overjoyed to share this journey with you. Thank you for helping us improve the game, and we’ll see you back out there!

Developers are currently upgrading and testing the game, and they will not make an Android or global version until the game is an excellent form. So, sorry to blow up your Android dreams. And keep in mind that the Brawl Stars APK download links are all scams, so avoid them for your safety. Remember,  Brawl Stars will be published on the site when it is publicly available on the Internet.